Business conferences normally take place in the most sterile and monotonous of places: faceless chain hotels, large meeting rooms laden with metal chairs and stark white walls, stuffy dining rooms completely lacking in charisma or charm.

It is too often discounted the pivotal role that environment plays in professional gatherings. Minds from all over the world assemble at these events to collaborate and share ideas; why, then, does the context that they do it in completely lack inspiration?

The organizers under the direction of Prof. Marincola and the support of Bicon dental implants strove to re-invent conferences by consciously marrying science with art. Venues were carefully selected to reflect the innovation currently unfolding in dental technology. They included the prestigious automobile manufacture houses of Ducati and Lamborghini in Bologna, Castello Estense (a moated medieval castle in the heart of Ferrara), and the majestic Teatro Comunale of Ferrara (an opera house built in the 1700s).

The conference kicked off in the center of high technology and engineering. After all, the best instruments create the best music – the same concept applies to technology. Attendees visited Ducati and Lamborghini, the symbols of ultimate engineering in the automobile industry. Dinner that night took place in the beautifully constructed Castello Estense, inaugurated by a Renaissance re-enactment reminiscent of the city of Ferrara’s rich cultural history. Saturday focused specifically on art and music: on the stadium of the Teatro Comunale, masters of the dental craft shared their knowledge of an art that every participant in the room was a contributor to. A lunch on the stadium afterwards gave the audience an opportunity to also partake in the beauty and glory of the stage. Great minds shared ideas, words laced by the melodious background notes of the pianist also playing on stage.

The 1.European Forum on Ultra-Short was curated to inspire the type of art, creation, and attention to aesthetic represented in these places. There is art in every career – what makes a dentist different than a musician? Talent and passion are always required when it comes to becoming a virtuoso.

Technology and art are the two pinnacles upon which the highest crafts rest. Our goal is to facilitate craftsmanship within the orthodontic camp. Give an artist – or in our case a doctor – the right instrument and opportunity, and he or she will flourish. In Bicon's case, the ultra-short implant will give dentists the opportunity to revolutionize patient lives, reduce their pain, and allow them to live to the fullest.

Celinne Da CostaTravel Journalist and Brand Strategist - TheNomadsOasis