More than 200 participants attended the 1st European Forum for Ultra-Short Implants in Ferrera/Italy from 17 to 18 June 2016.
The forum was organised by the Implant Dentistry Center (IDC) in Italy and themed “Ultra-Short Implants”. 
The scientific committee was led by co-presidents by Prof. Dr Dr Rolf Ewers and Prof. Dr Mauro Marincola and consisted of renowned experts who combined the latest research developments with practical aspects. Bone regeneration formed the focal point of the event, in addition to biomechanical processes during the placement of Ultra-Short Implants while preventing bone augmentation.

The congress gained further significance by the 11th European Consensus Conference in Cologne/Germany earlier this year. Lead by Dr Jörg Neugebauer, a joint paper about short, angulated and diameter-reduced implants was endorsed. 
The impact of the consensus paper, which illustrates various indications for Ultra-Short Implants in combination with preventing augmentation procedures, cannot yet be predicted.
However, many surgeons, especially in Germany, are prone to prick up their ears, as from now on patients will have to be informed about this alternative to standard implantation and augmentation techniques. 
Per definition, all implants shorter than 6 mm are Ultra-Short Implants.

Friday formed the pre-congress with renowned speakers, hosted by the company Automobili Lamborghini Holding S.p.A. in Sant’Agata Bolognese be- tween Bologna and Modena. 
The company invited participants to a guided tour of the museum as well as production facilities and thus provided exclusive insights to the Lamborghini manufactory. Already in the Lamborghini headquarters, two opening speeches were held for the German-language participants: Dr Alfons Eißing and Prof Dr Dr Rolf Ewers gave their introductory lectures to the key congress topics, followed by animated discussions with Prof. Mauro Marincola, Dr Frank Kistler and Dr Stefan König, among others.
A grand dinner at the patio of Castello Estense formed the finale of this first congress day.

On Saturday, 18 June, the international congress was held at the Theatro Ferrera (established in 1798). Speakers of the 1st European Forum for Ultra-Short Implants highlighted that Bicon Ultra-Short Implants posed a genuine alternative to standard implantology and augmentation, featuring a unique geometry and thus prompting a special surgical conduct. 
This was illustrated by Dr Rainer Urdenta’s speech on bone remineralisation after implant restoration by Ultra-Short Implants.

The congress weekend proved a thrilling and diversified event which showed that, sometimes, less length can be more. 
Ultimately, this is good news for all patients who are going to be spared invasive surgical procedures in the future.

Georg IsbanerEditorialista specializzato in implantologia, chirurgia orale e tecnologia dentale