This whole weekend was fantastic! The whole team of the Studio Medico ed Odontoiatrico Verrusio in Pompeii was very welcoming and friendly, and did everything possible to make our class as easy, fun and usefull as possible.
As a beginner in oral surgery, having someone as experienced as Prof. Marincola by my side the whole time while placing my very first two bicon implants was really calming. This class was completely hands-on, from the start when we analysed the xrays with the group, to creating the right flaps, or placing the implants in the right angle. Prof Marincola discussed everything with us, and explained in a way everyone would understand.
The patients were well selected so we could practice on easy cases but still experience the unique advantages of the bicon short implant system. Everyone was friendly and pompeii is a great place. We even had time for some sightseeing along the Amalfi coast.
Thank you so much for a very memorable weekend! I took home so many wonderful memories... But most of all I can now offer the bicon short implants to my own patients!

Katia HeiseKleve, Germany