The hands-on course at Verrusio Bicon Centre was a really memorable and useful experience for me. Before we started with the practical part of the course we analyzed the X-rays of the patients together and pointed out specialities of each case.
Having a professional like Professor Marincola by my side was great: He is not only a competent teacher, he also has a very nice and comfortable way to explain the bicon system in vividly words and never got tired of answering my questions. Also the nice team of the practice created a really welcoming environment for me and the patients.
I will surely use a lot of the things I learned during the course day in Pompeii for my own patient routine: The advantages of short implants and which of them should be considered in different regions and bone situations; the reasonable planning before the placement and always to remind the later restoration that should be placed on the implants and last but not least also the practical handling of the drill and the feeling for the right position while placing the implant.

Thank you!

Marie-Sophie KatzMunich, Germany