We are back in the States and can't believe the experiences we had throughout this week. We are all so fulfilled and satisfied with how everything turned out.
Since the moment we landed, we were met with nothing but hospitality and friendly faces. We got amazing treatment from the team and fell in love with them all in no time.
I want to thank you for being so committed to what you do and making this whole trip as easy as possible for us. We had no clue what to expect and everything we got was beyond our expectations.

Cartagena is magical and we didn't want to leave the city no matter how tired and sleepy we were. The people, the culture were contagious and full of life. The food was so delicious.
Our days in the clinic were so productive that it's hard to start to list everything. We gained confidence and experience in many surgical techniques that are going to be useful in our everyday clinical practice. The instruction and direction we got from Dr. Mauro was supreme. He is such a master and an amazing teacher.
I'm back in school, feeling ready for anything that comes my way and it's incredible to think that all this was gained in 5 days. The value if this course is intensely high and I can't wait to tell my classmates about it. Dr. Goyal deserves so much credit for his enthusiasm and commitment to our education. He was the one to introduce us to the course and urge us to make the trip. I think many more students will be excited to do the trip and I can think of no one better than Dr. Goyal to lead the group. I hope this won't be the last time we make a trip out to Cartagena because we feel we still have a lot to learn from the team!

Thank you for all the new opportunities presented to us through your network; we came to place implants but we left with so so much more.

Ani HakobyanCourse participant, August 2015 Midwestern University, Pheonix, Arizona. USA